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The Antikiller company is a new level in the field of security and protection services, a standard unattainable for most security companies in Ukraine. Our distinctive feature is reliability and a professional approach. In any circumstances, we fulfill our obligations to the customer, while respecting strict confidentiality. Not a single client who was protected by the Antikiller security company was harmed or caused any damage. We work so that any attempt on our client becomes impossible.

Due to this, regular customers of the services of the Antikiller security company are people from the VIP category, public and influential individuals for whom the level of privacy, high quality of services, as well as the impeccable reputation of the company that they trust their life and wealth, are extremely important.


Today we understand that in an era of increased terrorist threat in Ukraine and the world, times of only physical protection are left in the past. Modern realities, in which terrorists and other attackers are developing increasingly sophisticated methods of committing crimes, require in our country an exclusively professional and progressive approach to the processes of comprehensively ensuring the security of the individual and business as a whole.

Therefore, the forefront in the system of work and training of security personnel at Antikiller is not physical strength, but modern methods and intellectual components. Ability to work ahead of the curve.

To achieve these goals, the security company “Antikiller” in its work successfully ensures the implementation of two fundamental functions – scientific and practical.


On the scientific side, first of all, the system of “mathematical modeling” is used, playing situations and analyzing various options for the development of events and their possible consequences.

This direction is within the competence of the information and analytical department of the company. The department performs the functions of planning security measures, establishing contacts with law enforcement agencies, organizes continuous monitoring of personnel actions, coordinates the collection and dissemination of intelligence information, conducts counter-intelligence activities, conducts an active search for additional information about forthcoming crimes, analyzes the materials and data received.

In addition, the experts of the analytical group monitor and analyze all cases that have occurred in the operational practice of private and state security agencies. The department analyzes the work and identifies security errors, develops new tactical defense techniques and security methods.

We also note that in addition to the information and analytical department, the structure of our company includes such important divisions as: quick response teams, a technical support department, and an operational video documentation service equipped with modern filming and editing equipment.


“As I quickly became convinced, the security is concrete and substantive, it doesn’t forgive mistakes, and no universities, no military ranks and posts can replace personal experience and experience deserved by the hard work of authority every day …”

Ex-employee of the 9th Directorate, Security Service of the KGB of the USSR – V.N. Velichko

Possessing extensive knowledge and practical skills of tactics of bodyguards and security guards in various situations (including in the combat zone), the employees of the security company Antikiller have accumulated their own invaluable and many years of experience in the field of security and protection, which allows them to effectively and to cope with the tasks set efficiently, to quickly make the right decisions in non-standard and threatening situations.


Before taking the position of security guard or bodyguard at the Antikiller security company, each candidate, regardless of his previous professional experience, undergoes special tests, medical examination and psychological testing, and then internship and profile training.

In addition to special training, our employees are taught the rules of etiquette, competent speech, foreign languages. In the future, throughout its work, the company’s staff constantly improves their professional level in systematically conducted classes and trainings, and passes quarterly tests. Thus, all our efforts are aimed at the intellectual development of the company, as well as the constant personal and professional growth of its employees. As a result, we offer our customers a team of exceptional professionals who are ready to perform the most difficult task.


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