Alarm call button

A modern alarm button looks like a small standalone device or keychain. Its task is to activate an alarm when pressed to call the support of the fighters of the rapid reaction group in case you need emergency help. Such useful devices are used in apartments, houses, offices, warehouses, shops, enterprises and other facilities. The practice of using such devices, widespread in all countries of the world, has already avoided many dangers and prevented a huge number of crimes. It allows you to optimize the funds allocated for security. Do not keep permanent physical security personnel at the facility, but call him if necessary.


The Alarm Call (KTV) button differs from the usual alarm system by its complete, one hundred percent dependence on the owner’s decision. It does not work automatically, as it happens in most conventional alarms when receiving a signal from the sensor about a break, unauthorized access or recognition of another’s object in the protected area. The signal from the sensor can sometimes be random, erroneous. To activate the KTV, it must be pressed.


It is better to place a stationary alarm button in places invisible to outsiders, easily accessible to staff or household members: under countertops, under the surface of shelves, behind protruding interior details. The alarm button should be easily accessible to adults, but not accessible to accidental pressing by children or animals.

We can install sensors that respond to:

  • movement;
  • sounds;
  • shocks and vibrations;
  • temperature change;
  • change in humidity.

Activation of KTV requires your intellectual analysis: is there a real danger, is it necessary to call the GBR, or you can do without the arrival of the group.


Information from sensors, alarm messages of your security systems can come not only to the main control panel “Antikiller”, but also to special security applications installed on the personal smartphones of the owners of the object. Then the owner of the object will be immediately notified of the danger, at the same time with our remote control, even if it is far away, in another country. Anyone for whom it is important can also receive an alarm message: family members, relatives, friends, bodyguards.


Alarm buttons in the form of keychains with a GPS tracker when pressed transmit not only an alarm signal, but also the coordinates of the client’s location. The duty officer of the main security panel will be able to immediately send a rapid response team to the specified scene.


As practice shows, the best effect of protection of the house, apartment, office, shop turns out when there is both the alarm button, and the usual alarm system with system of sensors of various principle of action. The alarm button is needed when you are at risk of a criminal attack at home. Alarm with sensors is most effective when the attack occurs either at night, when everyone is asleep, or in the absence of the owners, when no one is in the room. Different protection systems complement each other, they will help keep your health, the safety of your loved ones and your property safe, but only if you operate them properly! This will be taught by our specialists in the department of engineering and technical protection.


The main thing is not to forget that the task of security equipment is to inform the remote control about the danger as quickly and reliably as possible. And you will be defended by GBR “Antikiller” fighters, whose training, courage and equipment, can always be guaranteed to rely on.


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