For a long time, mankind has been living in the definitions of “what to protect”, “from whom to protect” and “how to protect”. Everything that falls into the category of “what to protect” represents a wide range of tangible and intangible assets, premises, objects and territories, which are of particular value to their owners. And, of course, the highest value is human life, which is guarded no worse than other treasures.
Depending on the specific type of protected values, appropriate methods and methods for their control and protection are selected. All these methods can be divided into technical means and human presence, which together form the system and security regime. Even modern well-organized security systems cannot completely eliminate errors or inaccuracies. Moreover, the inevitable human factor only increases the size of existing vulnerabilities.

There are no impregnable fortresses, invincible armies and absolutely reliable security systems. This is an axiom.

Design, installation, configuration and adaptation, organization of personnel interaction with the security system, integration of the security system into the security mode. Errors made at any of these stages turn into vulnerabilities that can later be identified and exploited by attackers.
The reliability of any system is determined by the reliability of its weakest link. The technical components of the system can be evaluated, verified, tuned and tested to determine reliability. But, in combination with the human factor, uncertainty is introduced into the known quantity of reliability, the value of which directly depends on the qualifications, training, integrity and decency of the security personnel.
The combination of technical vulnerabilities with the human factor may appear from the most unexpected side even at the moment when no one is ready for this. Therefore, the security system must not only technically fit into the security regime and the measures taken, but also regularly undergo stress tests in which vulnerabilities are identified and methods and measures are developed to eliminate them.
The development and installation of the latest technical means of detection and signaling will not ensure reliable safety with unqualified or untrained personnel. And vice versa - protection without the use of technical means is incapable of stopping in the early stages of encroachment or preparation for encroachments on life and health or protected values.

Ask questions:

How confident are you about your safety?

How much do you trust the equipment and personnel that ensure your safety?

  • Are you sure that the answers to the previous questions are objective and not based on the emotions, conjectures or opinions of incompetent persons?

To obtain objective answers to these questions - it is recommended to conduct an independent assessment of the quality of security services. Depending on the level of your concerns, such a check can take the form of a simple independent check of security personnel to comprehensive stress testing in various scenarios, which include checking the operation of technical equipment, actions and interaction of security personnel. The result of such a check will be a detailed summary indicating the identified vulnerabilities and deficiencies of technical equipment, security personnel and security regime. Conclusions from the results of the check contain recommendations for eliminating the identified vulnerabilities.

Why should you trust our independent assessment of your safety?

Atikiller Security Company is an independent and unbiased representative in the security services market. We are not involved and do not participate in political games and criminal conflicts. The extremely high level of professional training of the Antikiller company personnel allows us to draw conclusions based on experience and knowledge. Without exception, all employees repeatedly and regularly undergo the same checks, which allowed us to assemble a team of the best. During the work, the security company Antikiller has gained high prestige in the professional field due to the intellectual approach to the organization of security measures. And we cannot afford to risk the authority of the company by giving erroneous or incorrect recommendations and conclusions.
We are not trying to take the place of your protection, but only indicate vulnerabilities and shortcomings so that the security meets the required level of ensuring your security and justifies the funds invested in it.


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