Fire Safety

Security company “Antikiller” offers fire safety services at facilities of various levels of complexity:

  1. Installation and commissioning of fire alarm systems, fire alarm and evacuation management systems, fire alarm notification equipment.
  2. Bringing existing fire alarm and notification systems in line with design and current standards.
  3. Perform modernization or replacement of obsolete systems.
  4. Conducting round-the-clock monitoring of fire alarm systems from its own centralized monitoring point.
  5. Regular and maintenance of fire alarm and alarm systems.
  6. Installation and maintenance of smoke protection systems (smoke removal).

Antikiller is the only security company in the Odessa region that has a voluntary fire brigade and specialized transport. The soldiers of our fire brigade are equipped with the necessary equipment and facilities for firefighting and evacuation of people.

Advantages of a volunteer fire brigade:

  1. Prompt arrival with the readiness to immediately begin the evacuation of people and extinguish fires.
  2. Modern equipment for firefighting.
  3. Experience (the PDK includes both former and current employees of the Ministry of Emergencies).
  4. Interaction with structural subdivisions of the Ministry of Emergencies.

Ukrainian legislation strictly regulates the list of buildings and structures to be equipped with automatic alarm equipment. But it is important to understand that the ultimate goal of installing a fire alarm is to save lives, as well as minimize material damage.

After the commissioning of the fire alarm system, we will ensure the connection of the system to the centralized surveillance panel “Antikiller” and quality routine maintenance.

Security company “Antikiller” provides only high-quality installation and maintenance of fire alarm systems.


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