House security

Calm in our troubled times – acquires special value. This is an integral part of a happy life. For most people, peace is security. And home security is what everyone cares about in the first place!

That is why the protection of cottages and houses is one of the most popular services provided by the security company “Antikiller”. This service becomes especially important when owners need to leave for a while and leave their home unattended.

Today, home security is not a luxury, but an integral part of the realities of modern life.

If you entrust the protection of your home to the company “Antikiller”, you can be absolutely calm for the safety of your property and the safety of people close to you.

Protection of the house can be carried out by means of installation of the security alarm system together with the alarm button (KTV) and video surveillance cameras. This system is designed to take into account the emergence of a variety of emergency or threatening situations.

In addition to instant notification of unauthorized intrusion, the installed sensors can transmit to the security panel a signal of an accident of a communal nature. Video cameras are connected to the burglar alarm systems, which transmit a picture of what is happening to your smartphone. In case of an alarm or when you want to make sure that everything is in order in the house, just open the mobile application and watch videos in real time.

Thus, our company guarantees that after professional installation of security equipment and connection to the Antikiller remote control – your life will become much calmer and more comfortable.

The work of the security company “Antikiller” is based on norms and standards developed in accordance with the latest achievements and innovations used around the world, and our rapid response teams are a round-the-clock guarantee of safety of your family, home and property.


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