Mobile Bodyguard

Personal security for you and your family 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The service is designed to call for assistance to customers in the event of abnormal or threatening situations related to encroachments on their lives and health, harassment, attempted abductions, conflicts, accidents, as well as assistance in other, extreme and emergency situations.


“Mobile bodyguard” is a security team, which consists of two trained employees with a full range of special skills and knowledge necessary for quality tasks and prompt decision-making in any, even the most complex and unusual situations.


Technically, the Mobile Security service can be implemented at your choice as follows:

  1. A special application on a mobile device.
  2. Normal call by phone number (call security by phone indicating the operator of your personal code).

The alarm signal is sent to the central monitoring station / call center operator, which sends a special mobile group to the scene in order to take the necessary measures to protect and / or evacuate the client to a safe place.

If necessary, the operational duty officer (operator) additionally notifies the relatives and proxies of the client (specified when activating the service), as well as notifies the police, the Ministry of Emergencies, calls an ambulance.


  • One-click emergency notification.
  • Ability to call for help unnoticed by the attacker.
  • Arrival of GBR within 10 minutes of the alarm.
  • Positioning to the nearest 10 meters, GLONASS \ GPS technology
  • Employees of the special mobile group stay with the client until the threat is completely neutralized and / or the conflict is resolved.ВАЖЛИВО ЗНАТИ

This service is affordable and invaluable in efficiency. In an emergency, it can save the lives and health of your loved ones, as well as preserve material values.

The mobile alarm button has no restrictions on the number of devices, and they can be equipped with each member of your family, as well as service personnel, such as babysitters of your children.


  • This service does not extend beyond the administrative boundaries of the city of Odessa.
  • The mobile security guard is not designed for spontaneous, sudden customer protection with valuables and cargo escort.
  • The mobile security guard does not detain or intimidate your opponent, competitor, neighbor who has offended you.
  • The mobile security guard does not take part in the resolution of domestic, civil-law conflicts (not to evict, and does not move citizens into the disputable residential real estate).
  • If there are signs of a criminal or administrative offense in the event, the police shall be notified immediately.

A mobile security guard is an assistant only in case of an emergency.

We protect you from physical and psychological violence.


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