The security company Antikiller and the medical company Into-Sana (insurance medicine) provide residents and guests of Odessa with safety: physical – thanks to the professionalism ???? Antikiller ???? and medical – from ???? Into-Sana ????.
We offer comprehensive protection for you and your family, which allows you to receive first-class medical and safety services on especially favorable terms!
Antikiller customer loyalty program provides for the conclusion of a health insurance contract under the program:
✅ “Ambulance.”
✅ “Emergency diagnosis.”
✅ “Urgent hospital”.
⚡ At a special discounted price – 30% ⚡
Into-Sana customer loyalty program
Discounts up to – 30% for security alarm services for:
✅ apartment
✅ houses;
Office premises.
????Also there is a special offer for Into-Sana customers: security escort when transporting cash and valuable goods at a discount of 50%‼
“Into-Sana” & “Antikiller” is a round-the-clock help and a guarantee of the safety of your family, home, property!


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