Quarantine restrictions are gradually being removed, some countries are starting to open borders, people are preparing for summer holidays. Many are already spending their leisure time outside the city, leaving for several days away from stress and fuss.

But in view of the fact that no one has canceled crime, real estate owners, being at a certain distance from the house, worry about its safety????.

We have prepared answers to questions that are often asked by clients who are going on vacation and want to take care of the safety of their housing and the safety of the property located in it.

Safety of my home

I’m going on vacation

How can I stop worrying about whether everything is at home in order⁉

Using the special Ajax Security System mobile application, you can check at any time what is happening with the house – whether it is protected or not, and in what condition the sensors are.

Ajax Security System

With this system, you can easily connect IP cameras located in or around the house, as well as watch video with sound in real time.

In addition, thanks to motion sensors with photographic fixation, you can quickly receive a series of photos in the application for each triggering event. And if someone enters the house – not only you, but also the security company, will receive photographs, which will allow you to accurately analyze the situation and send a quick response team to the object.

What about fire protection?

fire protection

Timely warning of a fire hazard is another form of protection.
In addition to security functions, the installed system informs about smoke or fire in a timely manner. The smoke detector will not extinguish anything by itself, but when you smoke, it will warn you of the danger of a fire and send an alarm to the Antikiller central monitoring station.

Hearing the siren built into the sensor, the owners of the house will independently eliminate the source of smoke. If smoke occurs at night, the siren will wake everyone who is in the house and help to escape from poisoning by combustion products.

Ajax quickly recognizes a fire by the first signs: smoke or a sharp increase in temperature when the fire burns without smoke. An additional CO sensor instantly triggers if the level of carbon monoxide exceeds the norm.

In the event that there is no one in the house and there are signs of smoke, the operator of the central monitoring station will call the fire department, and our specially equipped and prepared for such situations GBR will take measures to localize the sources of ignition.

And if the flood?


It will also not be superfluous to install sensors that help in time to learn about water leaks.

With the leakage protection system, everything is easier – there are several solutions available on the market that can automatically shut off water in the event of a leak. The nuance is that this equipment is installed, as a rule, even at the repair stage, since the installation of the system implies plumbing work with an insert of additional elements. But even this solution does not protect 100% of residents of apartment buildings from flooding. Imagine that the apartment is flooded with neighbors from above. The system will block the water in your home, but at the neighbors it will continue to flow until someone takes action.

Ajax raises the alarm on first contact with moisture and cancels it after the water dries. The sensors are designed taking into account the effects of water on the devices: they are not susceptible to corrosion, protected from dust and moisture.

When ordering the installation of security systems at Antikiller, you will receive high-quality service, 24/7 technical support and a guaranteed response to all types of incidents.


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