On April 25, 2020, at 15:00, the central monitoring station of the Antikiller security company received an alarm signal about the penetration of unauthorized persons into a private house at the address: Odessa, Malinovsky district, st. Green

Arriving at the place of the anti-killer brigade “Antikiller”, it was established that the representatives of one of the security companies in Odessa, with the support of a group of unidentified men, using a sledgehammer and crowbar broke the locks on the gate and gate, and entered the territory of a private home.

As one of the representatives of the invaders explained, supposedly they are the new owners of the house and came to evict people living at this address: a woman, her minor daughter (13 years old, registered in the house) and an elderly man.

Having infiltrated the house, the bandits applied physical measures to the minor, trying to expel her outside the occupied territory, her father was beaten and sprayed with tear gas before her eyes.

In addition, property was damaged in the house as a result of illegal entry.

The quickly arrived reserve of Antikiller fighters, stopped illegal actions by the invaders, freed the house and territory from strangers, an ambulance and police were called to the scene.

We focus on the representatives of the so-called security companies – participation in violent actions to evict citizens from real estate (including disputed ones), as well as the enforcement of court decisions – is grossly contrary to the Law of Ukraine “On Security Activities” and is a criminal offense.

Article 10. Omezhzhennya in the military dіyalnostі

1. Pid hour of organization and health protection zaboronyatsya:

7) Hello, who insist on rights, freedom and power of physical interests, as well as pose a threat to their life and health, honor, honor and goodwill;

11) take the fate of the Viconanness court іshen pid hour of the vicarious provinzhennya;

12) go down to the days, having been forced to defend the police with the help of the personnel protecting the sub-state donations.

Only authorized representative of the state executive service, who executes the relevant court decision, can evict citizens from disputed real estate. Representatives of private security companies have no right to carry out these actions.

Security company “Antikiller” has once again proved its professionalism and reliability, we are not leaving our customers in trouble!


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