This is outrageous, but it has already become the norm when bandits break glass and rob cars, take handbags and jewelry from women, carry out armed raids during the transportation of money, climb into apartments and houses …

The loss of work due to the mass closure of enterprises and business facilities in quarantine has already pushed many people into desperate acts in the form of committing illegal attacks on other people’s property.

Such factors, of course, expose all the unsightly sides of modern Ukrainian society and at the same time, clearly give an understanding that at this time, here and now, none of us is immune from unlawful encroachment on our own life and well-being.

Unfortunately, very often the occasion for a decision to install a security system is an incident with friends or neighbors. And it’s good if it turns out to learn from the mistakes of others. But, basically, people come to the decision to install a burglar alarm after the incident that has affected them.

Someone hopes for strong doors and a modern lock, others rely on a concierge. However, most still believe that troubles in the form of robbery or theft can happen to anyone, but not to them.

Facts refuting the three most popular myths about apartment safety make us think about the need to install a security system.

Myth №1: a fenced area and a concierge will protect the apartment from theft

According to statistics, the fenced area and the guard post do not guarantee the safety of a modern residential complex – even in such houses thefts occur.

The concierge, whose task is to prevent outsiders from entering the porch, is not a significant barrier to intruders. Also, one should not build illusions with the presence of a “full-fledged” guard at the post. In the overwhelming majority, protection in the housing complex is pensioners, or people with a dubious background, whose salary is 6 – 7 thousand hryvnias per month. They are not motivated and indifferent to the performance of their duties.

Applying socio-psychological skills, thieves skillfully disguise themselves as couriers, cleaning workers or other domestic services, and sometimes they simply freely pass the “security post” with the subsequent penetration into the intended apartment and theft of other people’s property.

It is worth noting that even if the security of the LCD is organized by the security company, this does not mean at all that your apartment will be required and will be protected from unauthorized entry. As a rule, the duties of a security guard include only access control, car parking and policing in the territory of the residential complex. But he does not bear any responsibility for the safety of property in any single apartment.

Separately, we note the extremely high risk of penetration into apartments in new buildings. Even several years after the keys were handed over to the new settlers, the house was constantly undergoing repairs: the visiting builders did not arouse anyone’s suspicions. But it also happens that workers repair one apartment and rob another along the way. Under the guise of the importation of building materials and the removal of construction waste, stolen valuables are transported using transport.

At the same time, the protection of the residential complex not only does not save, but, on the contrary, opens the gates wider and raises barriers.

Myth №2: iron doors and modern locks cannot be opened

A door and a lock are not an obstacle for robbers. To get around the most complex locking system, a professional will need from 30 seconds to 4 minutes.

Specialists install doors with “reliable” locks, but in an emergency, these same experts themselves help us open them without the help of keys.

The Internet posted thousands of ads from various craftsmen offering emergency lock and door opening services. Surely there are many masters among them who honestly help people in difficult situations, but there are those who use their knowledge for no good purpose at all.

The security of the house should be approached comprehensively: high-quality doors with good locks and sound windows must be supplemented by a modern security system.

Myth №3: the security system protects only from thieves

The modern security system, in addition to protecting the house from outsiders, also informs about other threats: fire, water leak or gas leak.

In a fire, people most often die from poisoning from combustion products. The smoke detector warns of smoke, saving lives, even if the room at this time is disarmed. For example, at night, when the whole family is sleeping, at the first sign of a fire, the siren built into the sensor will wake everyone who is in the house and send an alarm to the central monitoring station of the security company.

Technological sensors will help prevent the unpleasant consequences of accidents in household communications and avoid the cost of unscheduled home repairs. For example, a water leakage sensor will respond to moisture accumulation on the floor, helping to learn about the problem in time and take the necessary measures.

The modern security system not only protects the house and its residents from intruders, but also helps prevent a fire and common household accidents.

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