Anatoly Bredinsky

I met and began to cooperate with this company in the spring of 2018. Over the past time I have had a great impression of the security company "Antikiller" I want to note the following: - high level of professional training; employees who are constantly improving their skills; - a serious integrated approach to security; - excellent equipment and equipment with necessary personnel; - reliability, responsibility, correctness and modesty of the head and employees in personal and business communication. I recommend this company to all my colleagues and acquaintances. I am sincerely glad of our acquaintance and fruitful cooperation.

Yuri Otrubchak

I’ve been familiar with the head of the company Nikolay Zborshchik since 2003, and my impressions of my acquaintance have remained the most positive. His seriousness of attitude to the matter and purely human qualities liked him immediately. Twice I happened to directly collaborate with this company. The experience of this work and communication has confirmed the seriousness of their approach to business and the constant search for ways to improve. I wish you good luck and success in your work and, of course, recommend this company.

Diana Yakovleva

Reliability and an integrated approach - an integral quality of real and worthy professionals in their field!

Polina Sakhnevich

I present to you a cool guard! Guys in perfect physical shape, well-mannered, confident, reliable! They will not only be able to protect you in case of danger, but also provide first aid! Feel Safe With Antikiller

Irina Tislenko

High level of physical training and professionalism of employees, good organization and discipline! I recommend it! 👍

Nikita Afonin

The most pleasant experience working with the company!

Nadezhda Galayko

In connection with not very pleasant events, I ordered the installation of a video surveillance system in the store from this security company. The work as a whole suited me. Installation made efficiently, quickly. One of the decisive factors why I chose this company is the ability to view video from cameras in real time. Now I am always aware of what is happening in my store. thank

Arina Kulikova

Recently opened a small business, a store. And we needed the services of a security company. We were advised to contact Antikiller. We arrived, quickly installed a security system, everything is at the highest level. The equipment is working properly, respond quickly. Thank you very much.

Matvey White

I have been cooperating with Antikiller for several years now and am pleased with everything, as I have established security for my home and now I am calm for my family, especially when I leave for the flight. Thank you for your professionalism.


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