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The largest group of protected objects comprise stationary and movable (but fixed) facilities leased or owned by the municipal, joint or private enterprises.

The security system of stationary objects can be a multifaceted process of implementation of security measures, mostly preventive in nature. Effective can be considered just such a system of protection, which either simply does not allow attackers to find a loophole in the security mode, or creates the possibility of prevention of criminal encroachments at the earliest stage.

The Foundation of the company's "Antikiller" with the protection of stationary objects uses the principle of creating consistent boundaries security, in which threats should be timely discovered. Such boundaries, for example, can be placed sequentially from the fence around the areas to master, especially important facilities such as storage values and commercial information.

The effectiveness of the system of protection is assessed as the time from the moment of occurrence of the threat prior to its liquidation. The more complex and extensive system of protection, the more time it takes for her to overcome the attackers and the greater the likelihood that the threat will be discovered, defined, reflected and eliminated.


VIP residences, private estates and closed residential complexes;

Production and industrial facilities;

Commercial premises.

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Daily, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, bodyguards security company "Antikiller", fulfilling their obligations to clients to protect their interests...
In today's environment of skyrocketing levels of crime and banditry, protection and maintenance of wealth – the urgent need of the vast majority of commercial organizations of Ukraine.
The staff of the special operations division perform the most complex tasks and operational actions on the territory of Ukraine and abroad, ensuring the safety of the client and its business from illegal encroachments of third parties.