Provide protection

Comprehensive classes and seminars

Training, training and training of bodyguards

We conduct consultations, practical seminars and trainings on a wide range of issues in the field of personal security. The basis of training is based on our own successful and many years of experience in this field. Particular attention during training is given to the protection strategy, namely: planning, preparation and implementation of protective measures, which is the basis for ensuring personal safety.

We have wide knowledge and skills of tactics of actions of bodyguards (security guard) in various extreme situations, including in the zone of military operations. This knowledge is not given in universities and military academies. They are received and fixed by sweat and blood, our victories and losses. At the same time, we never stop in our own development and constantly raise our professional level to be the best of the best and meet the modern requirements of the bodyguards market, as well as the existing conditions in the country.

Our main goal in training is to pass on to our listeners our own experience of working ahead of the curve, calculating at an early stage of an impending assassination attempt or other atrocity in relation to a protected person or object.

Another services:
Daily, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, bodyguards security company "Antikiller", fulfilling their obligations to clients to protect their interests...
In today's environment of skyrocketing levels of crime and banditry, protection and maintenance of wealth – the urgent need of the vast majority of commercial organizations of Ukraine.
The staff of the special operations division perform the most complex tasks and operational actions on the territory of Ukraine and abroad, ensuring the safety of the client and its business from illegal encroachments of third parties.