The security alarm system connected to the Antikiller central monitoring station is a reliable and profitable protection against intruders of any kind entering your apartment.


Fire Safety

Antikiller is the only security company in the Odessa region, which includes a voluntary fire brigade and specialized vehicles.


Design and Installation of CCTV Systems

We offer services for the design, installation and maintenance of video surveillance systems of any complexity, analog and digital.

Mobile Bodyguard

Personal security for you and your family 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The service is intended to call for help in case of emergency or threatening situations related to attacks on their life and health, harassment, attempted abductions, conflicts, traffic accidents, as well as assistance in other, extreme and emergency situations.

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Valuable cargo escort

Antikiller will provide you with a car and equipped security personnel to escort valuable cargo along the chosen route.

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Rent a car with a driver

Large selection of premium cars with a personal bodyguard from Antikiller

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Private Security

The bodyguards of the security company Antikiller fulfill their obligations to customers to protect their interests.


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