Provide protection

Protection of valuables and goods during transportation is a complex of measures on provision of safety of property owners when it is received under the protection, escort and transfer to the recipient.

The division of protection and support of cargoes of the company "Antikiller" is responsible for the cargo safety from the moment of its reception under protection until the moment of delivery, which are determined by the signatures of the senior support group, and then the representative organ of the recipient's receipt of the goods.

Services for the protection and support of cargoes include:

Armed guards accompanying the cargo;
Armed guards and support staff, carrying tangible assets;
Providing special car with a driver and a guard;
The provision of escort vehicles with security;
Analytical testing of the route and features of the upcoming event.
The division of protection and support of cargoes, the company "Antikiller" will most effectively ensure the safety of the cargo on the whole route from unlawful encroachments.

Your valuable assets will be guaranteed delivered on time and in full safety.

Another services: