Provide protection

The special operations division of the company "Antikiller" offers clients the following services:

  • Reliable protection of businesses and individuals against the encroachments of organized crime groups and other criminal groups. Negotiation, settlement of claims and disputes.
  • Investigation, intelligence and counterintelligence activities, collection of data and information.
  • Rapid response in the event of a production emergency (we carry out the evacuation of personnel during natural disasters, riots and conflicts, protecting property from looters).
  • The confidential VIP visits to the territory of Ukraine.
  • Personal security of physical persons in the territory of foreign States.

ATTENTION! Security company "Antikiller" is not engaged in mercenary activities, does not participate in the fighting on the side of foreign countries, illegal formations and groups. Our work is carries out in strict accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine.

Another services: