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Business segment enterprises (offices, banks, restaurants, hotels, pharmacies, shops, and others) often become objects of close attention from intruders, due to the nature of their business activities. Free access of visitors in combination with the lack of an integrated security system is becoming a determining factor in the criminal choice.

That is why the protection of enterprises, business centers and other commercial premises located in Odessa, requires the use of special technical security systems in combination with the prompt response to any incident by a professional security service.

Security company “Antikiller” – specializes in the installation and maintenance of alarm systems for business objects of any level. Installed technical security systems – are the best solution that can reduce the risks of unauthorized entry or theft to a minimum. In addition, the specialists of Antikiller will help you develop a comprehensive security system for your facility that will be adapted to the characteristics of your business, minimize losses and reduce risks from external and internal negative factors.

Охрана бизнеса

The principle of comprehensive protection of business facilities is as follows:

To ensure the safety of the enterprise, the guarded object is equipped with alarm systems with a mandatory alarm call button, simple or security video surveillance systems, access control and management systems.

Security systems are connected directly to the central monitoring console, which performs one of the key functions in the protection of commercial real estate. When an alarm occurs, the signal is instantly transmitted to the operator’s console, which sends a quick response group to the object in order to prevent unauthorized entry or other illegal actions at the protected object.

In addition, our experts are developing a set of security measures that define the category of access for visitors and staff to various rooms, a system of crisis plans for emergency situations at and around the facility. We seamlessly integrate and configure security equipment in the overall security system of the enterprise, which allows us to reduce any losses in business processes to a minimum.

Antikiller is a reliable protection and safety of your business!

OK “ANTIKILLER” cares about its customers and the safety of your property, gives you comprehensive insurance protection for your apartment from insurance company No. 1 with Ukrainian capital “ARSENAL INSURANCE”. And also, using a profitable loan agreement from Alfa Bank, you can purchase a remote alarm in installments from us!

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