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Currently, Odessa is witnessing a rapid increase in apartment thefts. According to statistics from last year, the number of these crimes has already reached a critical point and is calculated not in dozens, but in hundreds of episodes where the property owners suffered significant material damage. The police are unable to cope with the growing rampant crime, and most of the house thefts remain unsolved!

Of course, attackers prefer apartments that are easily accessible for penetration, rather than those that are under the constant and guaranteed protection of an advanced security service. Therefore, the surest way to protect your property from uninvited “guests” is to install an alarm in the apartment connected to a central monitoring console.

Three important components of apartment protection from Antikiller:

  • Modern security technologies

Smart and reliable security systems mounted by highly qualified specialists instantly respond to any signs of unauthorized entry.

Communication channels and security lines are duplicated, so an alarm will be received even if it is deliberately jammed by intruders.

  • Responsiveness

Remote control operators are monitoring the site around the clock. As soon as possible after the alarm is received, the fighters of the quick reaction group arrive at the address, inspect the object, take measures to assist and protect customers.

  • Highly qualified and motivated staff

Installation of security equipment is carried out by employees with technical education and extensive experience in the public and private security sectors, who will test equipment with you and teach you how to use the electronic system correctly. The specialists of the engineering protection department work 24/7 and are always ready to help with operational issues or troubleshooting any known technical security systems.

Охрана квартир

The pride of our company is also the employees of the GDB, who undergo a thorough selection, special training and continuous training. The cars of the Antikiller SBR are equipped with modern first-aid kits and are the only ones in Ukraine with automatic external defibrillators on board.

The exact choice for protecting your apartment is the Antikiller security company!

“ANTIKILLER” cares about its customers and the safety of your property, gives you comprehensive insurance protection for your apartment from insurance company No. 1 with Ukrainian capital “ARSENAL INSURANCE”. And also, using a profitable loan agreement from Alfa Bank, you can purchase a remote alarm in installments from us!