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The security alarm system connected to the Antikiller central monitoring station is a reliable and profitable protection against intruders of any kind entering your apartment.

We do not hastily mount branded equipment, but competently design, install and efficiently respond to emergency or threatening situations. As a result, the client receives quality service and reliable protection of his apartment and property.


An effectively selected alarm system with subsequent response to any signs of unauthorized entry by the Antikiller quick response groups will effectively protect a private house and adjoining territory.

Our Quick Response Groups are a 24-hour guarantee for the safety of your family, home and property.


The Antikiller company guarantees high efficiency and comprehensive protection of your business from illegal encroachments.

As soon as possible after the alarm is received, you will be provided with the necessary assistance and protection. You know how to make money, we know how to save!


One click of a button is enough to send an alarm to our central monitoring station and the crew of the quick reaction team will come to your aid, who will take the necessary measures to protect your legitimate interests and rights.

“Antikiller” is:

  • Assessment and prevention of threats.
  • 24/7 help and protection.
  • Confidentiality Guarantee.
  • Compliance with the rule of law.
  • An individual and honest approach.

OK “ANTIKILLER” cares about its customers and the safety of your property, gives you comprehensive insurance protection for your apartment from insurance company No. 1 with Ukrainian capital “ARSENAL INSURANCE”. And also, using a profitable loan agreement from Alfa Bank, you can purchase a remote alarm in installments from us!

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