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Bodyguard education, training and training

We hold conferences, workshops, trainings and trainings on a wide range of issues in the field of personal safety and security.

The bodyguard training program developed by the experts of the Antikiller security company includes a scientific basis and a practical part tested by life.

The basis of the training is the experience of ensuring personal safety and the conduct of special security measures by the Antikiller company employees. Our instructors and mentors have been operating for at least 10 years with protected persons of various ranks and status in society, including politicians and businessmen of the TOP level. This means that students can get all the answers to their questions on the merits, and not based on speculation or information not verified in practice.

During training, special attention is paid to the security strategy, namely: planning, preparing and conducting security measures, which is the basis for ensuring personal security.

In addition, the training and information-analytical department of the Antikiller security company has been tracking and analyzing for many years all the cases that have occurred in the operational practice of private and state security structures, as well as special services. Specialists analyze the work and identify security errors, develop new tactical protection methods and security methods.

The information and analytical department of the Antikiller security company has collected hundreds of materials related to the commission of contract killings in Ukraine and the world.

The company operates a unique and only bodyguard library in Ukraine, where more than 700 pieces of special literature for bodyguards have been collected.

In addition, Antikiller is the only security company in Ukraine that has its own information and analytical Internet resource, which was founded in 2012 and over the years it has become widely popular in many countries of Europe and the world .

Our main goal in training is to convey to students our own experience of being ahead of the curve, calculating at the early stage of an impending attempt or other crime in relation to a protected person (object).

“Prevention of contract killings should be a priority in the work of a bodyguard, elimination of such a crime in the bud is the most effective way to deal with it, rather than already realized. This approach is logical, since it is much safer to identify the source of the threat in advance and neutralize it, than to reliably cover the protected person everywhere and always. ”

Author and leader of the project “VIP Security”, director of the security company “Antikiller”

Collector Nikolai Valentinovich

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