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Requirements for candidates and conditions of employment in the security company “Antikiller”.

For the position of security guard / bodyguard / personal driver:

  • Age from 23 to 30 years.
  • Citizenship: Ukraine.
  • Excellent physical condition, lack of health restrictions, lack of bad habits and addictions.
  • The presence of registered weapons of traumatic action.
  • The presence of a driver’s license category B (C).
  • Proficiency in foreign languages ​​(English, German, French, Spanish) is a significant advantage for a candidate for employment in the security company Antikiller.


To the email address, the applicant must send his detailed and clearly stated resume (autobiography). Attach two photographs to the summary in the attachment:
face photo (the face in the photo should be located in the center of the picture, strictly in front, without turning the head);
photo in full growth.
Resumes sent without the above photographs are not considered and destroyed.
Summary review time up to two weeks. We do not notify you of refusals and the reasons for the refusal.
If we are interested in the resume, the candidate is invited to a personal interview.


Personal interview
At the first interview, the candidate must provide the originals of the following documents:
Ukrainian passport;
biometric passport Ukraine (if available);
individual identification code;
driver’s license;
employment history;
military ID (officer book);
weapons permit;
UBD certificate (if available);
copies of documents on awarding state awards (if any);
copies of diplomas (certificates) of secondary specialized and higher (if any) education;
copies of certificates (test books) confirming a sports rank or rank;
copies of certificates and diplomas of passing specialized education (including courses and trainings) for security guards and bodyguards;
official characteristics from the last place of service, as well as characteristics from the last place of work.


A candidate for work in the Antikiller security company should not have a criminal record (including canceled);
The following are not considered for the positions of personal security personnel (bodyguard):
nominations of former employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs system;
people with special signs (including tattoos on open parts of the body);


Testing and medical examination
In the case of a successful interview, the candidate is sent to psychological testing, testing of professional skills and knowledge, as well as the level of physical fitness.
A candidate may be sent to a medical institution to undergo a medical commission.


After completing an internship and special checks, the candidate is hired in accordance with the Labor Code, in addition, additional agreements are signed with the employee that govern the responsibility and relationship of the parties.


Documents are submitted only in the original form (if the possibility of filing a copy is not indicated). Copies of documents must be of high quality.
The company does not provide a guarantee of employment of the candidate upon receipt of your documents and resume.